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About the center for remembering 3.11

Disseminating information to back up various support activities. Taking records for future generations.

The center for remembering 3.11 (commonly known as recorder311) has been established to encourage us all to think together about the enormous impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake and to help us set out on the long road to recovery.

In this multimedia studio, citizens, experts and staff collaborate to disseminate information and record the restoration and recovery process. Using various media, we aim to share information and promote recovery as well as record and preserve photos, films, sounds and texts in an Earthquake Disaster Recovery Archive.

In the center there is a Studio and a Broadcast Station. In the Studio, you can gather information, and equipment for conducting interviews such as video cameras is available for use. You can also write texts, edit movies and photos, and distribute these on the Internet. In the Broadcast Station, programs are recorded and distributed via the Internet.

Activities in the Studio

Activities in the Broadcast Station

Call for Participants
We are open to new participants anytime. Anyone interested in doing something related to recording and disseminating the Great East Japan Earthquake is welcome. Whether or not being a Sendai resident is not required. If you don't have a concrete idea but are still interested, feel free to contact us. If you want to know more about wasuren, check out the leaflet for further information.

▶What is "center for remembering 3.11(recorder311)"?(PDF)

recorder311 Material Room
Permanent exhibition on the second floor of Sendai Mediatheque.

recorder311 DVD
Clips published as "recorder 3.11 DVDs", originally produced by either recorder.311 participants or staff members from after the Great East Japan Earthquake up to present.

・Hoshizora to Michi (Starry Sky and Road)
An annual exhibition held in March ever since 2012.

center for remembering 3.11
(sendai mediatheque activity support department)
21- kasga-machi, aoba-ku,sendai, 980-0821 japan