recorder311 Material Room

The recorder311 Material Room is a permanent exhibition on the second floor of Sendai Mediatheque. Since the launch of the center for remembering 3.11 (recorder311) in May 2011, we have published records by participants and staff of recorder311 on our website and in exhibitions. In this Material Room, you can always take a look at various records and materials.
The following are what you can see in the Material Room.


recorder311 DVD


We have exhibited all the "recorder311 DVD" so far. If you are interested in a DVD, you can borrow it from the adjacent Audiovisual Library.



On the tablet on the black stand next to it, you can preview all the DVDs on display. (As of February 2024, there are a total of 117 titles.)



Fixed-point observation photos

Fixed-point observation photos are photographic records taken continuously from the same location. We exhibit some of them on panels, selected from the numerous ones published on our website. Other fixed-point observation photos are compiled in files by region.



Material Viewing Corner


This space allows you to view past publications and related books.We also have a questionnaire available, and we would appreciate your feedback.



Interview Sheet: Various Personal Accounts of the Great East Japan Earthquake Experiences (March 11, 2011) Written by Visitors


At the material viewing corner, we have worksheets to write about experiences during the Great East Japan Earthquake called "Interview Sheet". Visitors continue to contribute various accounts daily. Blank sheets are available, so why not write down your own experiences?



March 12th: The First Meal—When, where, and what did you eat?


March 12th: The First Meal—When, where, and what did you eat? is an interactive project where visitors write down their experiences and thoughts from that day on sticky notes, triggered by photos related to food during the disaster. Please feel free to share your memories using sticky notes and pens after looking at the photos or reading the notes already posted.



recorder311 Audio-Recording Hut



A project where pairs of visitors record their stories related to the disaster. The recorded stories are preserved for future generations and are published on websites, among other platforms. No reservation is required, and it can be used at any time during opening hours. Please apply at the reception counter of the adjacent Audiovisual Library and feel free to use it.






The Archivehicle (archive + vehicle) is a mobile material room, like a stall, where you can view various records submitted so far. The drawers contain recorder311 Records. These are about 200 articles, printed in the style of vinyl jackets, selected from approximately 1300 articles published on the recorder311 website. Explore and find the records that interest you.





Please stop by the recorder311 Material Room.




Opening Hours: 9:30 am to 8 pm (until 6 pm on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).
*Closed on Mondays (except holidays), the day after holidays, maintenance check days (every 4th Thursday), special organizing periods, and New Year’ s holidays.




[Guided Tours of the recorder311 Material Room]
If desired, recorder311 staff will provide explanations about the center and the materials. Please feel free to inquire.


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