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A’s story


Two coworkers, A and B, participated today.

They asked each other many questions about their thoughts and experiences of the disaster, changing their roles as interviewer and interviewee in the middle of the conversation. This article presents A’s story, as interviewed by B.

(Here is B’s story→ First part/Second part)



A was in her workplace when the disaster struck. She walked home, with everyone around her in confusion. There was no electricity. She couldn’t bathe. The trains weren’t running. Being deprived of all the essential services was the hardest part for her.

After having that experience, she wondered how it was for others who were affected by disasters—until then, she only knew of them through the TV. She began wanting to reach out and help people in need. That is a part of herself that changed after the disaster, she recalls.

She also realized that even the smallest things could help people in some way. She began to think about the importance of seeking help from people when we need it and building mutually compassionate relationships in our everyday lives.


A also talked about how her family has become even more important to her. Even now, 8 years after the disaster, she gets a message from her sister every year on March 11 saying, “Thank you for being alive.” B was surprised to hear about this. Perhaps March 11 is special for her sister because it marks the day A survived.



Interviewee: A (female)
Interviewer: B (female)
Recording date: 13 March 2019



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Date of article: 30 November 2019