Washington University Translation Project

This project is run by students in the Advanced Japanese course taught by Associate Professor Justin Jesty in the Department of Asian Languages & Literature at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, U.S.A. Once a year, students take part in a class on Japanese-English translation, where they contribute to translation projects that work on records collected by the center.

Through Japanese-English translation, the students aim to learn advanced Japanese grammar, vocabulary, and expressions. Students work on text written in modern Japanese for a Japanese audience, which serves as their “textbook.” recorder311 provides students with records, and we believe that students can simultaneously learn and gain new perspectives by interpreting and translating these works. In addition to providing an opportunity for students to learn about post-3/11 social issues from firsthand accounts, the project gives students a chance to realize the importance of choosing the appropriate words and being mindful in their translations. Through this project, we aim to advance the center’s work by translating a portion of the accounts it collects into English. In doing so, we also hope to contribute to students’ learning by enabling them to go beyond the classroom and interact with the real world.

Translated Articles

This Floored Me More Than When I Felt the Earthquake at My House


Realizing Nothing Would Get Moving If I Didn’t Bring Back the Right Information, I Went Out With My Camera


I Started Taking Photos Again Because I Realized That the People Who Have Feelings for a Town and the People Who Lived There Need to be Doing the Documentation


I Knew I Should Take Pictures But I Don’t Recall Taking Any


The Demise of Homesteads
家屋敷(かやしき)の終焉 01


Ogatsu Journey, Part 2: “Beyond the Mountain Pass, a Slow Recovery”


Ogatsu Journey, Part 3: “Beyond the Mountain Pass, Life Continues”


Being Unable to Get Food Gave Me an Opportunity to Think About My Life Up Until Then


There Was a Period of Time When I Had Quit. But Sometimes Now and Then I Still Take Pictures in the Same Places