Voice in NATORI – Sixties,Male,Fisherman,Yuriage –

Real Voices of Reconstruction
"Well, in order to make a living, I need money. There's no way that my neighbors can lend me money."
Four months and several days after the quake, replied the man in his sixties (fisherman) with firmness.
In Yuriage, before the quake, about 30 fishermen were involved with the farming of ark shells, kotamagai (a species of shellfish) and other kinds of seafood. They were established as local products and fetched high prices in places like Tokyo and Niigata. Because of this brisk trade, the local residents of Natori rarely had the chance to enjoy them. Yuriage's locally-produced brands have been ruined by the tsunami. Furthermore, as the debris had been cleared relatively quickly, it is almost as if Yuriage itself has disappeared.
The man, who has lived with the sea, seemed to have an unswerving vision and strong will -- strong enough to inspire others to push forward with restoration efforts.