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I was driving in Tokyo and felt a very strong tremor when I brought my car to a halt. Although I am personally under no threat of the nuclear power plant accident nor have I suffered loss as a result of the tsunami, I want to try to be able to understand the feelings of those badly affected by the disaster. For the future, I want to keep the option of "protecting" but "running away" is not something I want to do.

007: Ichiro Endo (Future Artist)
Whereabouts at the moment of the quake: Adachi-ku, Tokyo

*Mirai e Go (Go for Future): The name of yellow van in which artist Ichiro Endo travelled and slept as he journeyed across Japan inviting people he encountered on the way to write their dreams on the body of the vehicle.

recorder311 Stories:
stories recorded so that the experiences of 3/11 and the day itself will never be forgotten.