Livable Home: Gamou, Watanabe’s house


Gamou, Miyagino-ku, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture
Due to the massive damage caused in the area by the tsunami, many houses were destroyed. Before the earthquake, many plants and animals, and many houses and factories were located on the Gamou tideland just south of the mouth of the Nanakita River. During the earthquake, Ichio Watanabe took shelter in the nearby factory where he worked. He saw the terrible power of the tsunami and realized his home would be swept away. As he once was a sailor, he returned to the remains of his house by the water everyday after the earthquake. Day after day, he would carry skulls of turtles and bones of whales to the house that was getting restored. And on top of the shack there were faces of two of the Seven Gods of Fortune. Watanabe’s individuality fills the house.

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