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I was on the way to Onagawa, as I was worried about my fishing boat moored there. But when I saw people fleeing by cars, I set off for higher ground and kept watching from there. I spent that night in my car, but was too nervous to sleep at all. Four months on, I still feel as if I am in a dream and feel like I want to run away from reality. I do not want to recall March 11, but if I hold onto and remember it, I will be fine. I have no choice but to look ahead and to keep moving forward.

023: Haruto Goto (Fisherman / Kobuchihana Businesses Organization Deputy Head)
Whereabouts at the moment of the quake: Mangokuura, Ishinomaki, Miyagi

recorder311 Stories:
stories recorded so that the experiences of 3/11 and the day itself will never be forgotten.