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After the earthquake, I did not think to make contact with my family and the company and was watching TV in a daze for about two hours. Before and after the earthquake, I felt like I was in a totally different world. Before, I felt there was no value in surviving for a long time, but after experiencing the earthquake, I now think it is my destiny to live a long life. Although I can do a lot of things to remember the earthquake, I now strongly feel that it is physically necessary to live a long life.


030: Hajime Shiraishi (OurPlanet-TV)
Whereabouts at the moment of the quake: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Filmed by Shuhei Hosoya (recorder311), August 6, 2011


recorder311 Stories

"recorder311 Stories" are stories recorded so that experiences of 3/11 and the day itself will never be forgotten.