[Evacuation Route Research Institute] The Case of the Omagarihama Childcare Center in Higashimatsushima (Part 2)

Heading for Higher Ground

athering clues to find the route for tomorrow.
Ms. Dodo abandoned her car as she evacuated and lead the children by the hand.
When I went up to the third floor of the school building and looked out of the window, the wave was in the schoolyard whirling round and round like a washing machine taking in cars.
She Looks back on what she saw and how she felt at that time.(Part 1)


“Evacuation Route Research Institute (Keiro Kenkyusho)”

is a series that focuses on how people spent the time from the tremor to the arrival of the tsunami on March 11. By establishing the time they reached higher ground and the time they were rescued, the series studies the evacuation routes of people who survived the tsunami.