Evacuation Route Research Institute; Ogatsu (Part 1)

Evacuation Route Research Institute; The Case of Ogatsu Elementary School (Part 1)

Heading for Higher Ground

Gathering clues to find the route for tomorrow.
People who gathered at the Ogatsu Elementary School in Ishinomaki, Miyagi left the designated evacuation site to find a safer place, crossing the mountain behind the school when the tsunami rushed toward them. They had to make a decision to leave or not immediately, and this has become a lesson that will never be forgotten in the local community.
This film looks back on the hours following the earthquake until they were rescued.

“Evacuation Route Research Institute (Keiro Kenkyusho)”
is a series that focuses on how people spent the time from the tremor to the arrival of the tsunami on March 11. By establishing the time they reached higher ground and the time they were rescued, the series studies the evacuation routes of people who survived the tsunami.