Opening of Community Radiation Measuring Centre “Tetoteto”

Community Radiation Measuring Centre “Tetoteto”

A Community Radiation Measuring Centre for citizens and farmers called “Tetoteto” was opened in Ogawara, in the Shibata district in the southern part of Miyagi Prefecture.
At the opening event, visitors had the chance to see the measuring center, and many asked questions to the committee members. In addition, there was a “Teto Market” where vegetables produced by the steering committee members and displaying radiation levels were sold; at “Teto Laboratory” various maps and materials related to radioactivity were displayed along with a variety of food including rice, vegetables and school lunches with radiation levels displayed; at “Teto Café”, delicious food including amazake (sweet sake) and cookies were served.
We set this video of the opening event to an original song by Masakazu Shoji, a steering committee member.

Community Radiation Measuring Centre “Tetoteto”:
* Report of the opening event:

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