Voice in Koori-Fukushima – Thirties,Female,Housewife,Danzaki –

Real Voices of Reconstruction
"I do feel an urge to take action, but there's really nothing I can do even if I were to scream. There's nowhere I can move away to even if I wanted to, is there?"
The woman in her fifties (housewife) answered with indignation, 7 months after the earthquake.
Fukushima can be divided broadly into 3 regions, Hamadori, Nakadori, and Aizu, from east to west respectively. While many parts of Hamadori have been designated as evacuation zones due to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant being located in the region, neighboring Nakadori has not been so included, despite also having high radiation levels. As a result, temporary housing for evacuees has been established in Nakadori. In addition, debris from the coastal area has been piled up in Koori, a town located in Nakadori.
As a person who grows peaches and vegetables, the woman seemed aware that the safe life she once lived had been lost permanently.

Filmed by Machizukuri-bu (Community Building Club), October 8, 2011
Filmed at 94, Aza Kitamachi, Koori, Date district, Fukushima