Voice in Kesennuma – Seventies,Female,ex-General Store,Tsurugaura-Sannohama –

Real Voices of Reconstruction
"The younger generation nowadays doesn't even care about maintaining and inheriting their houses. They seem to work partly just for enjoyment."
Almost 9 months after the tsunami, the woman in her seventies (ex-general store manager) responded in disappointment.
Tsurugaura, on the rias coastline, is one of the oldest communities in Kesennuma, which is located on the former border that divided old Kesennuma and old Karakuwa. The island of Oshima is nearby, across the gulf. Therefore, ways to coexist with the sea, such as fishing for small fish and oyster farming, have been handed down for generations.
For the woman who has maintained a house that lives with the sea, life without direct interaction with the sea is something unimaginable, and she seemed to see it as staying in a comfort zone.

Filmed by Machizukuri-bu (Community Building Club), December 1, 2011
Filmed at Tsurugaura (Sannohama), Kesennuma, Miyagi