Voice in Ishinomaki – Teens,Female,High School Student,Kanan –

Real Voices of Reconstruction
"I wonder how the area around here is going to change. I guess it will become a new Ishinomaki, since it's unlikely that things will ever go back to the way they were. I can't quite picture what it will be like."
The girl in her teens (high school student) answered matter-of-factly, 4 months and a few days after the tsunami.
The central area of the city today, which used to be the old Ishinomaki, merged in 2005 with the neighboring towns of Monou and Kanan, Kahoku and Kitakami along the coastal plains, and Ogatsu and Oshika along the rias coastline to form the current Ishinomaki. The tsunami hit the city not long after the merger, and many citizens had not yet come to recognize Ishinomaki as their own city.
The girl from Kanan, which is a part of the inland area, seemed perplexed by living in the same region as the people who had moved in from the areas affected by the tsunami.

Filmed by Machizukuri-bu (Community Building Club), July 18, 2011
Filmed at 2-8-2, Chuo, Ishinomaki, Miyagi