Voice in Kesennuma – Thirties,Male,Fishery Proccessing,Osawa-Motoyoshi Area –

Real Voices of Reconstruction
"Without reconstruction of the fishery processing industry, Kesennuma will never complete its reconstruction, I think."
Almost 9 months after the tsunami, the man in his thirties (fishery processing) firmly stated his opinion.
Kesennuma is famous for its bountiful seafood catches. Fishing is classified as a primary industry and accounts for 12.4% of Kesennuma's industry. On top of this, fishery processing, which is classified as a secondary industry, is Kesennuma's core industry. The coastal areas, where those industries were concentrated, have been seriously damaged by the quake, tsunami and accompanying fire. Also, due to land subsidence, the ground has sunk by 70-80 cm, which has made the original low ground even lower. As a result, downtown and the seafood processing facilities remain submerged.
But to the man who has taken a big step forward, feeling a sense of responsibility towards restoring the core industry of Kesennuma, the submerged area looks more like a puddle.

Filmed by Machizukuri-bu (Community Building Club), December 1, 2011
Filmed at 4-2-19, Minamimachi, Kesennuma, Miyagi