Evacuation Route Research Institute; Shobutahama, Shichigahama, Miyagi Prefecture

Prefectural Highway 58 runs along the coast of Shichigahama north of Sendai Harbor. Toshinari Hoshi runs Matty’s Surf Shop, which is located along the highway. After the earthquake subsided, he left the shop and headed toward his house by car. On the way, he checked on his friend’s mother, his customers’ families, and his own mother at his family home. Upon arriving at his house, he heard the tsunami warning and looked outside to see the tsunami slowly and inexorably flowing over the rice paddies. He reflects on the scenes he witnessed as he drove along his route home after the earthquake.


Evacuation Route Research Institute
A series that focuses on how people spent their time between the earthquake and the arrival of the tsunami on March 11th. By listing chronologically the actions they took before they reached higher ground and before they were rescued, the series studies the evacuation routes of people who survived the tsunami.