Activities Conducted by NPO 20th Century Archive Sendai

On August 8, 2011, 20th Century Archive Sendai NPO, held a screening of an 8mm film incorporating the idea of "reminiscence therapy." The screening, part of the Cinema Yell Tohoku Project, took place at "Hanaichimonme", a nursing home in Omagari, Higashi Matsushima, Miyagi, and was carried out in cooperation with ARC´╝×T (Art Revival Connection Tohoku).

*Recreational activity incorporating reminiscence therapy: Reminiscence therapy has been in the spotlight recently as a preventative treatment for dementia. The method involves activating the brain by using photographs, films, music and household goods that evoke fond memories. We visit medical institutions and nursing homes to show nostalgic films to participants and sharing memories of bygone days with them in a convivial atmosphere.
*Cinema Yell Tohoku (Delivering Films to Tohoku Project): This project delivers films free of charge to regions affected by the earthquake and the tsunami and is carried out jointly by cinemas and film-screening groups across the country. This is held in affected areas in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima Prefectures, as well as at evacuation centers in other prefectures, and 20th Century Archive Sendai works mainly in Miyagi. The film-screening project was launched in the hope of bringing back smiles in affected areas where many people are facing tough conditions day in and day out.
*20th Century Archive Sendai: Organization that collects and archives films and photographs of Sendai's past. Following the earthquake and tsunami, the organization is also collecting records of the disaster from citizens.
*ARC>T: Organization established by Miyagi-based theater artists for the purpose of supporting reconstruction through art.

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