Interview Sheet: Personal Accounts of the Great East Japan Earthquake Experiences (March 11, 2011) Written by Visitors

Please tell us about your personal experiences and thoughts regarding the Great East Japan Earthquake
From March 2023,  we have been asking visitors to write on worksheets about their experiences in the Great East Japan Earthquake. The various personal accounts written by individuals can catch you off-guard, with numerous unexpected episodes and honest emotions. These records were written anonymously.
In this article, you can view the actual sheets.

Contents of the Sheet


Under the heading “Please tell us about your personal experiences and thoughts regarding the Great East Japan Earthquake,”we prepared the following 12 questions:


● Tell us about yourself on the date of March 11, 2011 (age, location, occupation, etc.)
● Where were you and what were you doing when the earthquake occurred?
● How did you spend that evening?
● When and how did you learn about the full extent and damage of the disaster?
● How did you obtain information after the earthquake?
● Do you remember any books you were reading or music you were listening to at the time?
● Are there any words or exchanges from that time that left an impression on you?
● Besides what you saw and heard, are there any other sensations you remember? (taste, touch, smell, etc.)
● Since the earthquake, what has changed or what have you realized?
● Have your daily actions or the things you carry changed since then?
● If you were to talk about that earthquake again, who would you want to talk to?
● Are there things you want to think about in the future?
● Feel free to write any other memories or thoughts you want to share.

The sheet is available in PDF format. Please download from here. (A3 size recommended in print )
If you happen to fill in the sheet, feel free to sent it and we would archive your sheet in the recorder311 Archive.


In PDF format, you can view the personal accounts of people who visited Sendai Mediatheque and filled out the sheets.
You can view them according to their age at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake (March 11, 2011).
Click on each of the following categories to display the stories in order of age at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake.(269 sheets as of April 23, 2024)


*We apologize, but this is the original version written in Japanese, and an English translation is not yet available.


12 years old and younger(107 sheets)
13–19 years old(34 sheets)
20–39 years old(67 sheets)
40–59 years old(39 sheets)
60 years old and older(15 sheets)
Age unfilled(7 sheets)

These accounts can also be read at the table in the back of the "recorder311 Material Room"on the second floor of the Mediatheque.
Additionally, if you fill out a blank sheet placed on the table and put the completed paper in the collection box, it will be preserved as a citizen’s record in the recorder311 Archive.

Please feel free to participate when you visit.






[Published May 5, 2023]
[Updated April 23, 2024]