Kesennuma Oshima Island: Part 1

A Story of the tsunami by Ryokan Tsubaki-so Inn Young Owner

Morifumi Murakami is the young owner of the Tsubaki-so inn. He takes users and guests of his inn for rides in a microbus and tells them various stories of the earthquake and tsunami in Oshima while visiting the actual sites.
On the day of the earthquake, Mr. Murakami was not in Oshima because he had taken his little daughter to a hospital in Kesennuma for her vaccination. Several days later, after returning to Oshima, he heard various stories from many Oshima islanders, such as their experiences of the tsunami and the local fire brigade’s activities on the day of the disaster.

This is a record of the helpless scenes and the stories of people who are attempting to move forward after the disaster.

Coverage Supporters:
Ryokan Tsubaki-so
Sendai Zou Project (SZP)