Kesennuma Oshima Island: Part 3

Camellia Cultivator Eiki Onodera

Mr. Eiki Onodera cultivates camellia in Oshima, an isolated island in Kesennuma. On the day of the earthquake, he was drinking coffee at a coffee shop in Kesennuma. He says that he saw water blowing out from a roadside ditch, but did not directly see the tsunami. He took shelter in various places in the city but could not sleep that night. The next day, he returned to Oshima having been able to get a ride in a helicopter by chance. After that, he took care of people at the evacuation centers (Oshima Elementary School and the Development Center).

His house escaped damage. His ancestors suffered damage caused by the Meiji Sanriku Tsunami in 1896, and after that they rebuilt their house on higher ground.

Coverage Supporters:
Eiki Onodera (Manufacturer and Sale of Camellia Oil made in Oshima)
Sendai Zou Project (SZP)